" For a long time, I thought balloons were no longer popular, I would just not see them as often. Or at least I thought so…  It’s funny how when I started drawing LeeLee-Loves illustrations balloons randomly started appearing around me, flying in the distance, tied to a tree in the park or around a child’s wrist. I realized that there had never been a lack of red balloons, I had just not been looking up enough anymore. You will be surprised as to how many balloons you see, living their adventures, when you walk through the world with your head up. "


Leeanne Grassnick is an upcoming self-made artist, trying to pursue her dream of creating art for children. Leeanne is originally from Germany, and has lived in London for seven years. Leeanne, also called LeeLee by her God children and many friends, grew up in Australia, Germany, France, the United States, Russia and the Netherlands. Hence she loves to travel and the red balloon resembles her adventures. 


“Leelee the balloon is an inspiration and reflection of my child and adulthood memories, always being encouraged by my parents to discover the world, it’s beautiful places and fabulous people. The balloon represents the beauty of freedom, of movement, of travels and following the things we love. When I see a red balloon randomly flying in the sky it makes me stop, it makes me stand still, it makes me smile. It mesmerizes me and I am not able to look away. It makes me smile and I catch myself doing a little skip. Seeing a red balloon lets my mind wonder to my happy places. I have always found it ironic how children (understandably) get upset when they accidently let go of a balloon, because it is only then that the balloon starts its adventures and is free to do what it loves to do – fly.”